Projects found here have been presented at the Senior Showcase which is an annual event held at Ripon College in April. This year's Ripon College Senior Showcase was held on Tuesday, April 19, 2016. Please browse our collection of past projects as we celebrate the wide variety of projects created across the liberal arts spectrum.

Recently Added Items

Poetry Collection by Amberlee Perry

Amberlee Perry Poetry 2016.pdf

I chose to present five poems that I have written during this past year -- the most challenging, and most rewarding, year of my college career. The…

"Seasons Speak of Us" by Jorge Gutierrez

Original video creation of poetry.

Transcriptional Regulation by λBacteriophage Antitermination by Sean Gibbons


As a regulator of transcription, antitermination works to allow for RNA polymerase to read through termination signals and express genes found…

Studiorum Classicorum et Linguae Latinae Laudatio by Ryan Slattery

Slattery Studiorum Classicorum et Linguae Latinae Laudatio Senior Showcase 2016.pdf

Original Latin oration on the importance of the Latin language and foreign language study.

Toward the Structure of the C-terminal Domain of EcoR124I Restriction Enzyme by Nicholas Leudtke


Using the type I restriction-modification (R-M) system of plasmid EcoR124I, E. coli cells systematically distinguish their own DNA from foreign DNA.…

Small Worlds: Display of Inwardness in Pompeiian Houses during the Late Republic and the Early Roman Empire by Myat Aung


Comprehension of the Roman experience is conceived through the exploration of antiquity: close examination of artifacts and ideas that the Romans…