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Subverting the Male Gaze.pdf
This essay analyzes the harmful effects of the male gaze in art and advertising throughout history, and highlights contemporary feminist artists who seek to subvert this gaze and create artwork that is both empowering and uplifting for women,…

Elizabeth Erdmann History Senior Seminar Paper 2016-2017 (1).pdf
This paper explores the views of Abigail Adams, wife of second President of the United States John Adams. Adams has been called an early feminist thinker because of her outspoken comments in written communication about how women ought to be treated.…

Krueger ART showcase.pdf
Householder plays on the absurd and the uncanny to elevate the work of the housewife. It lays bare the domestic toil that frequently goes unnoticed by pitting landscape and household familiarities against each other in search of agent and origin. In…
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