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Seinor Sem- Abitz.pdf
The declining readership of poetry has caused concern amongst scholars, leading them to ask questions: is poetry too difficult or too elitist? These concerns arise because of poetry's dependence of scholars by generating a new audience that…

Amberlee Perry Poetry 2016.pdf
I chose to present five poems that I have written during this past year -- the most challenging, and most rewarding, year of my college career. The first two poems I wrote at the beginning of the semester in the Intro to Poetry class, while the last…

Original video creation of poetry.

10 Ways (1).mp4
The poem upon which this video is based, titled 10 Ways to Get Lost in Your Own Neighborhood, was written by Maddy Vega during Professor Gannon's ENG 310: Advanced Poetry course. It was then selected for use in a video project, for which students…
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