Projects found here have been presented at the Senior Showcase which is an annual event held at Ripon College in April. This year's Ripon College Senior Showcase will be held on Tuesday, April 23, 2019 at 6:30 pm in the C.J. Rodman Center for the Arts. Please browse our collections of past projects as we celebrate the wide variety of projects created across the liberal arts spectrum.

Recently Added Items

Senior Recital by Lauren Good

Lauren Senior Recital.mp3

My senior project took a focus on early music to modern day music. This project exemplified the special characteristics of famous composers from each…

Design and Assembly of Pulsed Low Energy Electron Gun for Use in Ultrafast Electron Microscopy By Jared Zeman


Ultrafast electron microscopy is an emerging field of interest that utilizes pulses of electrons as a tool to probe specimens, particularly to enable…

Palestinian Women's Perspectives on British Policies, People, and Values during the British Mandate, 1922-1948 by Sara Olk

Olk, Sara -- History Senior Sem Paper.pdf

Using oral histories collected by historians, as well as a diary, a memoir, letters, and secondary sources, I analyzed Palestinian women’s…

Prudentius: The Last Classical Poet

Krause CAAS 2108.pdf

Prudentius, according to the Oxford Classical Dictionary, is the greatest of the Christian Latin poets, on the other hand Malamud in 1989 calls him…

Taxing the Wealth of Nations by Ethan Freiermuth

Senior Showcase_ Adam Smith Paper.pdf

According to Adam Smith, whose insights still underpin economics as a discipline to this day, taxation is justified by the government’s ability to…

Amerikanische und Nationaliste Sozialistische Propaganda des Zweiten Weltkriegs: Eine Vergleichung by Ethan Freiermuth

DEU 400_ Senior Thesis.pdf

Nationalsozialisten und amerikanischen Propaganda-Anstrengungen des zweiten Weltkriegs waren das Produkt ihrer eigenen Gesellschaften und die Ziele,…