Senior Showcase 2015

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Senior Showcase 2015


Oral and poster presentations from Senior Showcase held on April 23, 2015 at Ripon College.


Ripon College


Ripon College Lane Library


April 23, 2015


Scholars Week



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Getting Social with Elected Officials: How Governors and State Legislators are Harnessing the Power of Social Media as a Form of Political Communication by Abigail R. Quackenboss
The advent of the Internet and development of social media tools has had a profound impact on politics, most notably stateside being the ability to get out the youth vote in the 2008 and 2012 Presidential elections. Social media allows for a two-way…

Roots of Economic Dichotomy: A Comparative Analysis of Adam Smith and Karl Marx by Eric Seiler
One of the most commonly referenced dichotomies in the field of economics is that which pits capitalism against communism. The economists behind these ideologies, Adam Smith and Karl Marx, respectively, are generally seen as foils of each other, not…

Conversing with the Dynamic Nominalist: Hacking into the Social Sciences by Emelia Erickson
Ian Hacking posits that the looping effect is occurring within the social sciences and it is causing scientists to change their object of study as they study it. As social scientists classify humans based on behavior, they create a new reality for…

Adam Smith’s Ideas Applied to Today’s Economy by Alexandra Haen
This paper focuses on Adam Smith’s “An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations”, which was published in 1776 and continues to be a highly regarded contribution to economic theory. Through comparing Smith’s ideas on topics such as…

Social Competence in Online Communication between Introverts and Extroverts by Emelia Erickson and Viridiana Vega
According to Lieberman and Rosenthal (2001), extroverts have working memory processes that allow them to be more socially competent in situations that cause high cortical arousal. In addition, introverts have less conversation multitasking skills…

OPEC and the Crude Oil Market with Game Theory Applications by Alexandra Haen
The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) has been a major player in the world market for crude oil ever since the organization’s formation in 1960. While there are oil-exporting countries that are not members of this organization,…

The effect of phenylpropanolamine on the development of the lateral line system, heart rate, and morphology of Danio rerio larvae by Cassie Olson
Phenylpropanolamine (PPA) is a sympathomimetic drug that is a vasoconstrictor and bronchodilator. In 2000, it was removed from the market due to causing stroke. Research on a relationship between PPA exposure and hair cell development has not yet…

Ocean, The Final Frontier: The Demise of Turner’s Thesis by Alison Thiel
The Frontier Thesis has shaped the way western culture has approached the ocean for many years, and its presence can be found within the early photographs of sea exploration documented by the National Geographic Society (NGS). Today, however, its…

Sustainable Polymers Derived from Carbohydrates by Derek Saxon
Plastic waste is generated across the globe on an alarming scale, with only a small
fraction recovered for recycling. As a result, sustainable polymers derived from renewable
resources have recently been gaining attention. Carbohydrates offer an…

Mehr als Unterhaltung: Warum und inwieweit wurden die Filme der Nazizeit von den Nazis und von den  Alliierten zensiert? (More than entertainment: why and to what extent were Films of the Nazi era censored by the Nazis and by the Allies?) by Samantha Petroski
From the time Hitler came to power until the Second World War ended, there was an active film industry in Germany. The Nazis had complete control over which movies were allowed to be viewed and which were censored or banned. The Nazis also inserted…

Activity budgets and exhibit use of captive grey wolves related to exhibit familiarity by Morgan Beisbier
Wild and captive grey wolves (Canis lupus) not only live in different habitats, but they also have different necessary survival activities. These differences give rise to questions concerning exhibit familiarity and the correlation with activity…

Substituent and Solvent Effects: Examining Acidity via Infrared Spectroscopy by Jordan Buhle
There is a large collection of substituent constant data measured in polar protic and polar aprotic solvents, but a lack of information on substituent effects in nonpolar aprotic solvents. In this study, substituent effects on the acidities of phenol…

Can You Guess My Gender?: Differences Between Male and Female Writing Styles by Emily Connovich
This study examined 80 short stories written by Caucasian male and female short story authors in the later part of the 19th century. Results indicate that while males and females did not have specifically different styles, the topics on which they…

Moral Responsibility of the Psychopath by Anders Goodwin
Psychopathy is estimated to affect approximately 1% of the population of the United States (Neumann & Hare, 2008a), yet the harms stemming from psychopaths are disproportionately large relative to their prevalence among the general populace. Recent…

Interpersonal Aggression Effects on Arousal by Anders Goodwin & Shane Sommers
Physiological arousal reduction has been posited as a general theory of behavior that could unify the behavioral sciences. This study explores physiological arousal reduction in the context of interpersonal aggression in an attempt to further the…
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