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Steiner “We are a circle”- Interpellation and Liminality in Neopagan Witchcraft Rituals.pdf
Circle Sanctuary, as an Ideological State Apparatus (ISA), interpellates Neopagan practitioners into ideologies such as interconnectedness through rituals following the structure of rites of passage. In the liminal stage of rituals, Altered States of…

Crockett Final Draft.pdf
Ghost folklore has existed in most cultures throughout history. While many would consider the days of ghouls and superstitions to be long gone, it seems that ghost stories are thriving. In fact, ghost stories are of great importance to contemporary…

Poullette Paper.pdf
This paper identifies the general approaches that news sources and anthropological sources embody to communicate their information to their audience. I analyze how the portrayed themes influence the possibility of change concerning the status of…
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