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Using the type I restriction-modification (R-M) system of plasmid EcoR124I, E. coli cells systematically distinguish their own DNA from foreign DNA. Self DNA is protected by
methylation within a specific recognition sequence, while foreign DNA,…

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Phthalimides can easily be converted into primary amines, which are useful in a wide variety of laboratory and industrial applications. A new reaction has been discovered which allows for the synthesis of N-phthalimido-O-acyl-N,O-acetals from acyl…

There is a large collection of substituent constant data measured in polar protic and polar aprotic solvents, but a lack of information on substituent effects in nonpolar aprotic solvents. In this study, substituent effects on the acidities of phenol…

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Plastic waste is generated across the globe on an alarming scale, with only a small
fraction recovered for recycling. As a result, sustainable polymers derived from renewable
resources have recently been gaining attention. Carbohydrates offer an…
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