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Hince Bananas paper 2018.pdf
Reddit, popularly known as the front-page of the internet, is an emerging platform for political campaigns. Consistently updating with fresh ideas, Reddit’s interface is dynamic with its content being exclusively user-generated. Within the website…

Quackenboss, Final Senior Thesis - Ripon College 2015 (1).pdf
The advent of the Internet and development of social media tools has had a profound impact on politics, most notably stateside being the ability to get out the youth vote in the 2008 and 2012 Presidential elections. Social media allows for a two-way…

Hince Depauw paper 2018.pdf
From taco bowls to eating pizza with a fork, food has remained a topic of conversation surrounding political campaigns. The 2016 presidential election cycle was no exception. Faced with two candidates who defied the presidential mold, both campaigns…
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