Black Heroes Matter by Juan Baez

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Black Heroes Matter by Juan Baez




The world of comics has many black superheroes who mostly added as a sidekick for the main hero such as Falcon to Captain America, Storm to Cyclops from X-Men, and even Miles Morales to Spider-Man. While Falcon became the first mainstream black superhero when introduced in 1969 as Captain America’s second hand man. Storm was introduced in 1975 and became one of the first black members of the X-Men only to be a sidekick to the group as the main trio of the team was highlighted in the comics. Then comes Miles Morales in 2006 as the first black character to take the Spider-man mantle after the death of Peter Parker (Ultimate universe). Miles has a history of being put in the sidekick position during crossover events where he goes into a different dimension to help Peter with a end of the world crisis.
Films have given the spotlight to black superheroes who can hold their own in the box office as their Anglo counterparts and have helped bring more popularity. We have seen “Black Panther” break records for the month of February in 2018 as an all black cast brought the world of Wakanda and the struggles T’Challa faced as he took the role of King of Wakanda. Fast forward a few months later to December of 2018 and we get the animated feature of “Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse” where we see Miles Morales become the Spider-Man of his universe. The films each deal with a specific struggle that affects African American society while telling the story of African American superheroes.


Baez, Juan


Senior Showcase Oral presentation


Ripon College


April 23, 2019


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Major: English and Theater
Minor: French
Dallas, Texas
English Senior Seminar


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Baez, Juan, “Black Heroes Matter by Juan Baez,” Senior Showcase Digital Collection, accessed February 22, 2024,

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