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Isaac Masters Senior Thesis .pdf
In recent years, there have been studies that evaluate the potential use of predatory bacteria Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus to control the multidrug-resistant (MDR), Gram-negative pathogens associated with human infections. This study was focused on…

Wurtz Modeling Polyhelical Repeat Proteins Senior Showcase.pdf
Proteins are the most abundant biological macromolecules and, based on their
three-dimensional shape, perform life-sustaining functions. The process by which a
protein assumes its folded shape remains an open question and has intrigued biologist…

Breen Chemistry Determination 2016.pdf
Oxygen radicals and the reactive by-products they create have long been indicated in the disease pathways of metabolic disorders, given that they have the potential to react with the key components of proteins and thus disrupt their functioning. One…
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